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This article is a press release from Green Koncepts.

Wattson, an innovately designed wireless electricity monitor, now available in Singapore

If you are one of many in Singapore feeling the pinch of increasing electricity costs, meet Wattson – an innovatively designed wireless and portable electricity monitor that not only looks good in your home or office, but helps you measure your energy consumption so that you can better manage your electricity costs.

With a large LED display, Wattson gives you an instantenous reading of your electricity usage and tells you how much electricity each appliance consumes. Wattson can potentially help you reduce up to 25% of your electricity bill when you have the ability to measure your electricity consumption and look at energy saving possibilities. Not only that, you’ll be doing your part for the environment through energy conservation.

The device also features mood lights in three different colours to show the level of energy usage at any point in time. From the colour blue for low usage to purple for moderate usage and red for high energy usage, the mood light glows and warms your living spaces. Wattson’s smart, cool and contemporary design makes it a talking piece in your home or office environment.

Together with Holmes, an intelligent downloadable software available for Wattson users, you can even keep track of your historical electricity usage on your PC. This helps you understand your electricity consumption pattern in your home or office over time.

Wattson enables you to live an energy-smart lifestyle. Wattson designed by DIY Kyoto, is now made available in Singapore by Green Koncepts, its sole distributor in the Southeast Asian region. You can purchase Wattson at www.greenkoncepts.com and have the device delivered right to your doorstep in 2 working days. At an introductory price of S$329, it is an affordable product with a unique design, a must-have item for any eco-aware families and offices today.

About Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is an eco-friendly solutions provider in Singapore. We are the sole distributor of Wattson in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. At Green Koncepts, we believe that everyone can have a personal impact on the environment through energy conservation. Our aim is to educate – families, parents, children, educators, students, employers and employees to enable them to better understand their energy usage and through awareness, to encourage the practice of energy conservation with the solutions that we offer.

Website: www.greenkoncepts.com

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