The HydroBall System by Hydroball Technics (SEA) Pte Ltd

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The HydroBall System is a cost-effective solution for the automatic cleaning of heat exchangers. The system passes customized sponge balls through the heat exchanger tubes to prevent the formation and accumulation of scaling and fouling deposits on the inner surface of the tubes.


Scaling and fouling increases energy consumption due to the degradation of heat transfer. In the HydroBall System, slightly oversized cleaning balls are circulated through the condenser tubes at regular intervals. As the balls pass through the tubes, they scour off all the scale and fouling deposits. This automated cleaning can help to achieve energy savings of 10% to 20%.

The HydroBall System was invented by Hydroball Technics (SEA) Pte Ltd, a distributor and contract manufacturer of energy-saving products and services, and won The Enterprise Challenge Award by the Public Service Division, Prime Minister Office in 2004.

For details about the HydroBall System, visit the company’s website.

Image credit: Hydroball Technics (SEA) Pte Ltd

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