CDL Unveils First CarbonNeutral Development in Singapore and Asia Pacific – 11 Tampines Concourse

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This is a news release from City Developments Limited (CDL).

In support of the Government’s strategy for sustainable development in Singapore, City Developments Limited (CDL) as a green developer, is taking an affirmative step, setting yet another milestone for Singapore in environmental sustainability.

Today, at a ceremony officiated by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, CDL’s newly-completed 11 Tampines Concourse was unveiled as the first CarbonNeutral® development in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

The establishment of Tampines Concourse as a CarbonNeutral® development represents a natural progression of CDL’s commitment towards building greener properties. It is a forward-looking approach towards long-term sustainability.

Mr Kwek Leng Joo, Managing Director of CDL, explained the Group’s bold move, “This voluntary initiative reaffirms our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. For many years now, we have been consciously monitoring and taking deliberate efforts to reduce our carbon emissions as part of our Environmental, Health and Safety policy. Carbon offsetting is relatively new in this part of the world and being the first to foray into uncharted territory, we hope to encourage more Singapore corporations to take a stronger stand in tackling climate change. In addition to Tampines Concourse, we have also embarked on neutralizing the carbon emissions of our corporate office operations. Going CarbonNeutral® is in line with CDL’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.”

Designed and built with environmental sustainability in mind, Tampines Concourse, awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPlus this year, is a sterling example of a green development from start to finish. Beyond sustainable design features such as an energy-efficient building envelope design and ecofriendly fittings for energy and water efficiency, concerted efforts were made to introduce innovative building materials to reduce the usage of natural resources in the construction process.

Tampines Concourse is the first building project in Singapore to be constructed with a wide range of recycled materials for its structural building components. The “Green Concrete” that was used for Tampines Concourse comprises a number of sustainable materials, namely copper slag, recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS). Apart from sustainable construction materials, other prominent green features include a natural day-lighting system to leverage on natural lighting in areas such as the atrium and lift lobbies. It is also the first development in Asia Pacific to incorporate an innovative, indoor non-compressor fresh air cooling system for smart temperature and humidity control. This system uses water as a cooling agent instead of ozone-depleting chemical refrigerants to cool incoming outdoor air through a natural heat exchange process. Together, these features are expected to result in energy savings of over 620,000 kWh per year, for the 108,000 lettable square feet complex, resulting in the lowering of the building’s carbon footprint.

“Sustainable construction through the use of recycled materials is an excellent strategy for Singapore’s continuing journey of sustainable development. It serves the twin objectives of prolonging the lifespan of our Semakau Landfill and also provides an alternative to natural materials that have to be imported. CDL’s holistic approach to environmental friendliness, especially in its use of sustainable construction methods and materials, has not only made Tampines Concourse an important milestone for CDL, but also an example and benchmark for the rest of the building industry.” says Dr John Keung, Chief Executive Officer of the Building and Construction Authority.

“We are happy to note that CDL has incorporated energy saving features and technologies from the design stage for this new development. This initiative is expected to result in significant energy savings for the development, and will contribute to the national efforts to improve resource efficiency. We encourage other developers to also integrate energy efficient design in their buildings”, says Mr Andrew Tan, Chairman of the Energy Efficiency Programme Office and Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment Agency.

In turning this development CarbonNeutral®, CDL will reduce carbon emissions to “net zero” for Tampines Concourse by offsetting some 6,750 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. (tCO2-e) for 2009. The amount of CO2-e to be offset through this exercise represents the total estimated CO2-e generated during the construction phase (5,243 tCO2-e) and for the first year of operations (1,507 tCO2-e). Moving forward, the building’s carbon emissions will be measured and offset on an annual basis, which is estimated to be approximately 1,500 tCO2-e per year.

The process of attaining CarbonNeutral® development status was facilitated by The CarbonNeutral Company, one of the world’s leading carbon offset and carbon management companies with a proven track record of working with 300 large organisations and 200 carbon offset projects across six continents. Underpinned by a well-recognised standard known as the Carbon Neutral Protocol, every tonne of carbon sold by The CarbonNeutral Company is guaranteed such that, any shortfall is made up for in the unlikely situation of a project failure.

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director, The CarbonNeutral Company said, “We are privileged to be working with CDL as they extend their leadership position on sustainability by taking Tampines Concourse CarbonNeutral®. This means CDL plays its part in a solution to tackle climate change as they chart a course for profitable growth while reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions to net zero.”

Shopley continues, “Businesses in Singapore now have a viable alternative to demonstrate their commitment to the environment by locating in Tampines Concourse.”

In the case of Tampines Concourse, the estimated CO2 emissions generated during the construction and annual operational phases have been measured and will be offset by the purchase of carbon credits which will fund carbon offsetting projects in Asia through The CarbonNeutral Company.

For 2009, the carbon credits CDL has purchased under this exercise will fund three projects in Asia, including one renewable energy project (Guizhou Hydro Power Project in China) and two resource conservation projects (Fujian Landfill Project and Jilin Methane Power Project in China). All three projects have been verified to the international Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and are pre-Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.

Without the injection of carbon finance, these projects would be unviable. Beyond generating climate benefits, these projects also bring about social benefits such as employment and training opportunities, as well as improving the quality of life for the local community. This is also in line with CDL’s commitment to CSR.

Given the continual development of new carbon offsetting projects in Asia, CDL will maintain a flexible approach evaluating its portfolio of carbon offsetting projects on an annual basis, throughout the building’s lifetime.

As the first CarbonNeutral® development in Singapore and Asia Pacific, Tampines Concourse represents the ideal office address for like-minded businesses looking to enhance their position as an environmentally conscious company and reduce their carbon footprint.

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