Eco-Friendly Wet Cleaning by Green N Clean Laundry

gnc-laundry-1Green N Clean Laundry is the first laundry business in Singapore that uses wet cleaning to replace dry cleaning for washing delicate garments.

Wet cleaning is a solvent-free method to clean garments and uses specialised machines to safely clean garments in water, instead of using solvents as in the dry cleaning method. Wet cleaning is better for the environment and safer for operators and consumers.

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Wet cleaning uses water and non-toxic soaps, and can safely clean virtually any garments, from silk dresses to wool suits. It is more eco-friendly and safer since the water and biodegradable soaps can be discharged into the sewers after washing.

On the other hand, dry cleaning uses a petroleum-based solvent called perchorethylene (PERC). PERC vapors can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or skin, and long-term exposure causes cancer in laboratory animals and is considered a possible human carcinogen by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency.

In Singapore,  spent PERC cannot be discharged into the sewers and is controlled as toxic waste. It is also mandatory for dry cleaner operators to undergo health checks once every six months.

In addition, dry cleaning also uses more energy as in a dry cleaning machine, the solvent is recycled after cleaning the garment and used for the next load of garments. The recycling process is done by frequent distillation of the soiled solvent and energy is needed to boil and evaporate the solvent and to condense the gaseous solvent back to clean liquid solvent.

We support the efforts of businesses that are willing to change their mindsets and use more environmentally friendly processes, and we encourage the switch to wet cleaning for health and environmental benefits.

For more info on the wet cleaning method, prices and locations, visit the Green N Clean Laundry website at

Source and image credit: Green N Clean Laundry

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  1. I currently do window cleaning in phoenix and am looking to be more grean. I look for all my products I use to be earth friendly. Luckily there is not that many products in the window cleaning business that are bad. However spot removal from sprinklers or hard water tends to have more chemicals to use to get them off. I also support any business that looks for environmentaly friendly ways to do business.

  2. always choose dry cleaners that uses organic based cleaning agents and detergent to help the environment’:.

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