Green Manufacturing Technologies and Products at the Sustainable Manufacturing Centre in Singapore

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The Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC) is an industry innovation centre under the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

SMC was set up to help the manufacturing industry develop and implement innovative sustainable manufacturing technologies that reduce emissions, waste and toxicity. SMC currently offers research and core capabilities in:

  • Sustainability assessment tools and techniques
  • Carbon measurement and reduction strategies
  • Eco-design of sustainable products
  • Processing and application of sustainable materials
  • Knowledge and technologies for resource efficient manufacturing
  • Resource recovery and recycling from manufacturing waste
  • Remanufacturing
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Green supply chain management

If your company is looking for sustainable manufacturing solutions and technologies, or is interested to find out the environmental life cycle impact and carbon footprint of your products, do visit and contact the Sustainable Manufacturing Centre.

Green Business Singapore recently visited the SMC showcase of sustainable manufacturing technologies, capabilities, and green products. Here are some photos taken during the visit:

Wooden crate reused as a table

Spectacles made from recycled plastics

Biopolymer products

Waste cooking oil to biodiesel

Remanufactured equipment parts from Caterpillar

Recycled plastics from HP ink cartridges

Biocomposites from recycled plastics and waste organic materials

Recycled wood products

Recycled wood plastic composites

Recycled cardboard clothes hanger

Sustainable packaging – collapsible wooden crates

Industrial Ecology concept

Source: Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC)

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  1. Randal Chan says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I cordially invite you and your relevant colleagues to attend the “China Green Manufacturing Summit 2012” scheduled to be held on August 17th-18th , 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Century Park Hotel, Shanghai China.
    Conference Background
    Green Manufacturing is a lateral concept which finds relevance in all sectors across the manufacturing industry. Led by innovation this concept has found tremendous opportunities in segments such as Automotive, Steel, Cement, Electronics, Real Estate & building, IT & IT Technologies, Mining, Chemicals Water & Water Equipment and Processes, etc. Companies are investing heavily in building up green products (Green Automotive, Green Cement), processes, supply chain and technology that is eco friendly.

    Bringing together leaders experts from across the industry, the upcoming China Green Manufacturing Summit 2012 provided an excellent platform for a constructive discussion on green manufacturing and complemented Chinese efforts of promoting the country as a green manufacturing location. The Summit therefore will have a special focus on green manufacturing products, technology, processes, and best practices, advanced manufacturing technique, technology acquisition process and experience from select sectors pertaining to all sectors across manufacturing.

    Summit Highlights:
     Introduction and launching out of “Circular Economy” in China’s 12th FYP
     Safe & sustainable manufacturing —- an important part of sustainable development
     Best Practices in Implementing Green Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
     Green Manufacturing and Management in Electronics Industry
     Sustainable Manufacturing in the Automotive and Transport Sector
     Sustainable and Eco-friendly product design — part of green manufacturing
     Low-Carbon Economy— Green Innovation and Win-win Harmony
     Manufacturing Process Design & Development
     Waste Minimization and resource conservation
     Innovative Facility Solutions — Best Practice

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