Green Business Ideas in Top 15 of the Business Challenge 2011

The Business Challenge is a business idea competition organised by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and SPRING Singapore, and is open to all students below the age of 26. The competition, which started in Nov 2010, provides support and guidance to help aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups transform their business ideas into real business models, through business workshops and experienced mentors.

During the Semi-Final Phase, 15 semi-finalists would receive S$15,000 each and given 3 months to complete their Proof of Concept, including feasibility studies, market research and development of their prototypes. During the Grand-Final Phase, 6 grand-finalists would receive S$50,000 each and given 2 months to begin early commercialisation and penetration into the market. The Grand-Final on 23 Sep 2011 would see 3 best start-ups winning a S$100,000 Incubation Grant each (made up of cash and services).

The results of the 15 semi-finalists were announced recently, and the top 15 teams included some great green business ideas. Here are the short description of the green business ideas, sourced from (visit their website to read the full description of all 15 teams):

Bamboobee – Bamboo bicycles

The bamboobee bike project seeks to revolutionize the social enterprise mindset and promote eco-friendliness with an innovative twist to the everyday bicycle – refining its production process to make it environmentally sustainable and using processed natural bamboo as the main component of the bike. …

EcoEnviro – Energy from motion

EcoEnviro is a company that creates green energy using piezoelectric technology. Our first product, PowerTile is where electricity can be harvested by having people walking over these tiles. We are looking at places where there is high human traffic flow to install these tiles. …

Energeek – Electricity monitoring

At Energeek, we specialize in electricity usage monitoring. We are currently embarking on a load signature analysis technology that enables instant identification of individual appliances from the main switch. This non-invasive advancement will allows electricity usage monitoring to be completely hassle-free. …

theGreenTee – Recycled and crowdsourced T-shirts

theGreenTee want to start a movement of leading an eco-lifestyle, by providing an online platform for crowdsourcing through rewarding designs and participation while using recycled PET bottles as our materials. …

The following ideas are not strictly green-related but could help benefit the environment:

4Loop – 3D printing (could result in more efficient manufacturing, less material wastage, less energy resources spent on physical shipping)

4Loop intends to enter the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. AM is an umbrella term that refers to a group of technologies that can build physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components and even production parts directly from computer data. …

Farmer’s Tale – Facebook game promotes volunteerism and donations (could help to increase environmental awareness and action)

… For us at Farmer’s Tale, we hope to increase social capital through promoting volunteerism and donations. We strive to do this by creating a freemium game on Facebook that links virtual rewards with people’s physical and social activities. …

Milaap Social Ventures – Microfinance (could provide funding for environmental services)

As a social enterprise, Milaap enables individuals to make microloans that help the rural poor in India gain access to basic services, such as education, healthcare, electricity, clean water and sanitation. …

Safe N Sounds – Safety and security system for bicycles (could benefit the cycling community)

Safe N Sounds develops safety and security systems for 2 wheeled machines (e.g. bicycles). … It features Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), Tail lights, Direction Indicators, Hazard Warning Lights, plus a wirelessly controlled alarm system to deter bicycle thieves.

The grand-finalists would be announced on 14 Jul and the the final top 3 winners on 23 Sep. At Green Business Singapore, we look forward to a green start-up winning the top prize.

Source credit: Business Challenge and Image credit: Business Challenge.

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  1. Anoj says:

    This is Anoj, co-founder of Milaap Social Ventures. We have a very strong focus on promoting Green loans that help people at the bottom of pyramid break the cycle of poverty. These include promoting clean and renewable sources of energy by funding organic fertilizers, solar lights, clean stoves, access to eco-sanitation facilities etc. You can have a look at some of the loans here

    Thanks for featuring us! Look forward to your support in the coming weeks.


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