Green and Gracious Builder Award 2011 [Press Releases]

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1. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has conferred the BCA Green and Gracious Builder Awards on ten outstanding builders. Of these, three builders – Gammon Pte Ltd, Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd and Woh Hup Pte Ltd – which originally clinched the “Excellent” category in 2009 when the award was first launched, has just been promoted to the “Star” category, the highest tier in this award. Four other builders clinched the “Excellent” award and another three clinched the “Merit” award. To date, BCA has conferred 28 Green and Gracious Builder Awards.

2. The Green and Gracious Builder Award was introduced in 2009 to recognise progressive builders who adopt environmentally friendly practices and minimise the effects of construction for people living near the worksite. Builders are rated on their performance in adopting best practices in construction site management. The original 2-tier rating system was expanded to 4-tier last year to encourage more builders to adopt such best practices.

3. Some of the common best practices of award winners include the use of construction methods that produce less noise and vibration and implementing innovative environmental control measures.

4. Excellent category winner, Unison Construction is the only SME firm that won the Green and Gracious Builder status this year, showing that small builders can also play their part in displaying environmental and social graciousness. It implemented the demolition protocol to maximise the reusing and recycling of demolition materials, as well as using noise barriers at its construction sites to reduce noise pollution. In addition, the firm uses alumimium formwork which is more environmentally friendly than timber formwork and is more efficient to install.

5. Tiong Seng Contractors, one of the “Star” category winners, has embraced green design and practices for its new Prefab Hub, Singapore’s first automated precast facility, which was awarded the prestigious BCA Green Mark Platinum award. In several of its projects, Tiong Seng Contractors used the Cobiax slab system, awarded the Swiss Environmental Award in 2010, to optimize overall building efficiency by using less concrete in structural slabs.

6. “Star” category winner Gammon has developed a strong corporate sustainability policy that drives all sustainability efforts at its project sites. Besides setting up of green site offices for all its projects, it also implemented noise reduction measures such as the use of power cutter machines and portable noise barriers. One of Gammon’s latest environmental initiatives includes the setting up of the Corporate Environment Fund for mini carbon trading.

7. “Star” category winner Woh Hup, who had scored with more than 90 points in the “Excellent” category in 2009, has been re-certified to the “Star” category it deserves this year. It uses system formwork extensively, which is recyclable and more efficient to use, to reduce the use of timber and scaffolding. To reduce dust in tunneling work, Woh Hup invested in a “dust eater” for its MRT projects.

8. The Green and Gracious Builder status is valid for three years before builders are required to undergo re-certification to ensure that the high standard for environmental friendly practices is maintained or raised.

9. The award winners will receive their award from Minister of National Development Mr Mah Bow Tan at the BCA Awards ceremony held at Resorts World Sentosa on 19 May.

Source: BCA

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