WDA, PUB and SWA Collaborate to Upgrade Skills of Workers in High Technology Water Industry [Press Releases]

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Singapore, 8 December 2011 – To develop the capabilities of the water industry workforce, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), national water agency PUB, and the Singapore Water Association (SWA) have collaborated on a new training programme – the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Used Water Treatment Technician Programme – for the water industry.

This collaboration is part of efforts to align PUB’s Water Management Certification Programme to the WSQ training system so as to raise the water industry’s competency standards whilst benchmarking it against international best practices. The Water Management Certification Programme comprises a series of training programmes that focus on technical skills and capabilities to manage the various aspects of the water cycle. They are designed to cater to four job levels, namely the Operator, Technician, Supervisor, and Engineer levels.

Up to 200 operator and technical-level workers in the water industry are set to benefit from WSQ training for the water industry over the next two years. To date, close to S$1 million has been set aside to enhance the manpower capabilities of the water industry.

Prior to this new programme, PUB had already aligned the operator-levels of the Water Management Certification Programme to the WSQ training system in 2010. Four runs of the operator level programmes for water and used water treatment have been conducted since then. The new WSQ Used Water Treatment Technician programme, targeted at Technician-level workers, is expected to commence in second quarter of 2012 with 20 participants. It will equip them with the skills and knowledge to carry out their role in a used water treatment plant, including competencies in performing intermediate laboratory tests on used water samples. The course will be conducted over three months.

In addition, graduating trainees from the WSQ Water operator-level programmes received their certificates from WDA’s Deputy Chief Executive, Mr Winston Toh and PUB’s Chief Executive, Mr Chew Men Leong, at a ceremony held at the WaterHub today.

“The water industry has been identified as a strategic growth area and we are actively promoting Singapore as a hub for water expertise. PUB is excited to work with WDA and SWA to develop the national skills training system that aims to improve the manpower capabilities and productivity in the water sector. A well-trained specialised workforce is critical to support our water industry and strengthen Singapore’s position as global hydrohub,” said Mr Ng Han Tong, Director of Waterhub, PUB.

Through years of research and development effort and investment, Singapore has developed strong capabilities in water management. Today, Singapore is home to a thriving water eco-system of more than 100 local and international companies. The WSQ programmes for the water industry help to provide a structured training and skills upgrading system to support the burgeoning water industry.

Ms Julia Ng, Director of Manufacturing and Construction Division, WDA, added, “WDA is pleased to partner PUB and SWA to develop training programmes for the water industry. Through the WSQ Water training programmes, workers can look forward to picking up additional skills which will aid them in their career advancement in the industry. We look forward to further collaborate with PUB and the industry to bring the skill set of our workforce a higher level.”

Mr Tang Kin Fei, President of the SWA, said, “SWA is proud to be the strategic partner in this collaborative effort to raise the bar on skills and competencies within the water industry. SWA has been actively promoting comprehensive, specialised training programmes to the water industry in Singapore, and is recognised as an effective platform for launching new initiatives and courses in the area of sustainable water usage. We believe that providing training and development opportunities to employees of local water companies will help strengthen Singapore’s water industry and cement our status as a global hydrohub.”

Source: WDA, PUB and SWA

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