Singapore Energy Award Launched to Recognise Achievements and Contributions to Local Energy Sector [Press Releases]

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The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has launched the Singapore Energy Award (SEA) to recognise organisations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Singapore’s energy sector through achievements in the areas of capability development (e.g. raising the skills of the workforce) or innovation (e.g. development of new energy technology or business models).

The new Award was announced by Mr. S Iswaran, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade and Industry at the Singapore International Energy Week 2012 (SIEW 2012), where he said, “The energy sector is diverse and there is scope for individuals, organisations and companies, big and small, to contribute to the dynamism of our energy ecosystem by demonstrating excellence in industry leadership, capability development and technology innovation.”

The SEA will be a biennial award and will be presented in two categories – to organisations and individuals. These two categories will provide opportunities to honour established and emerging companies, research institutes, professionals, entrepreneurs and young individuals (such as students) across the entire energy industry, including, but are not limited to, the established power utilities and oil and gas sectors, as well as emerging sectors such as energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy.

Nominations and applications for the SEA will be reviewed through a two-tier process, first through an Evaluation Committee, followed by a Judging Panel (Refer to Annex A for the composition of the SEA Judging Panel). The Evaluation Committee will assess all submitted nominations and recommend shortlisted nominees to the Judging Panel (Refer to Annex B for the Evaluation Criteria). The Judging Panel, which comprises both local and international representatives from diverse backgrounds, including energy, media, academia, human capital and Government, will review and identify the SEA winner(s) based on the recommendations.

The Chairman of the Judging Panel, Mr. Kwa Chong Seng, Chairman of Neptune Orient Lines said, “From market liberalisation and exploration of clean energy technologies to greater awareness of energy sustainability and increased investments in developing energy talents, Singapore’s energy sector has been transformed over the last decade. Moving ahead, the sector will continue to play a critical role in Singaporeans’ lives and our future. Hence, it is apt for organisations and individuals to be recognised for their achievements. Through this award, we hope to inspire forward-looking organisations and future leaders to advance groundbreaking innovations and embark on initiatives that enhance the energy sector’s capabilities and infrastructure.”

Nominations for the inaugural SEA will be open from 22 October 2012 to 30 April 2013 and the winner(s) will be announced at the Singapore International Energy Week 2013. More information on the SEA can be found at

Please refer to the attached for more details.

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