Eighth Eco-products International Fair to be held in Singapore in March 2013 [Press Releases]

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The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), supported by SPRING Singapore, would like to announce the eighth Eco-products International Fair (EPIF ). The three-day fair and conference will be held in Singapore from 14—to 16 March 2013 at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, and will be graced by Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs.

2. Themed “One Environment, One Future: Towards a Sustainable and Greener Asia” the event will showcase all that Asia has to offer in terms of environmental sustainability in the urban context. In the past, this event has been held in other parts of Asia. Singapore is proud to host this event for the second time in its history since 2004. The fair will bring together participants from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, aimed at generating a wide range of exciting new business opportunities in this arena.

3. Environmental degradation is a constraint on future growth within the Asia-Pacific region and a barrier to efforts to eradicate poverty. By approximately 2020, over half of Asia’s population will live in cities. The speed of population growth in urban areas has outpaced the development of environmental infrastructure in many large cities. Problems range from lack of access to clean water to poor air quality, inability to manage solid wastes and transportation. Urban societies are becoming conscious of environmental problems and keen to learn more about the best practices, eco-products and technologies.

4. Eco-Products International Fair 2013 aims to exhibit these eco-products, services, technologies, materials, and components from around the world including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The exhibition will feature two sections: Eco Business & Green Personal Lifestyle.

5. In parallel with and further enhancing the value of the fair, an International Conference on “Opportunities and Challenges in Sustainable Urban Living” will be organised to address issues, opportunities, and challenges relating to sustainable urban living. The conference will feature international speakers who are experts in their specific areas and will incorporate exchanges of the most up-to-date information on topics such as eco-practices, eco-innovations, eco-technologies, sustainable consumption and production, green procurement, eco-lifestyle, and policy interventions to achieve sustainable urban living.

6. The three-day event will also feature a business forum, technical exchanges, business networking events and site visits. The event will target a total of 12,550 sqm of exhibition space and feature 150 international and local exhibitors.

7. As stated by Mr. Kazuyuki Sakai, Chairman of the EPIF Preparatory Committee of the APO Green Productivity Advisory Committee, “In this day and age when we are affected by serious global climate change, strong initiatives through private–public-sector cooperation such as the EPIF 2013 help steer us in the right direction of balancing consumerism with deliberate environmental consciousness and achieving ‘compassionate productivity’ that is not only profitable but also sustainable.

8. Jerome Baco, Chairman, WMRAS stated, “ “EPIF 2013 will be an excellent opportunity to have dialogue on various opinions and business opportunities identification amongst the Key players of Sustainable development in the region”.

9. Simon Lim, Group Director, Industry Development, SPRING Singapore said, “The cleantech industry has been identified as a strategic growth area for Singapore’s economy. SMEs play an important role in adding diversity and innovation to the industry, from both the solutions provider and leading adopter perspectives. EPIF 2013 will be a key opportunity for local and international players to showcase their know-how, understand the latest developments and discuss collaborations within the cleantech industry. ”

Annex A

Exhibitor Profile

Government, Trade Associations & Institutes
• Boards, ministries and municipalities in charge of environmental, energy, infrastructure and public works
• Infrastructure financers
• Sustainable development agencies
• R&D Institutions

Green Buildings
• Architects
• Construction businesses
• Green Label product manufacturers
• EHS engineers
• Building energy and water use, waste disposal experts
• Vertical greenery and landscape designers

Green Energy Providers, Services and Manufacturers
• Manufacturers of solar and photovoltaic equipment, meters, storage devices
• Fuel cells
• Biomass digesters, generators
• Wind power, turbines
• Hydropower
• Geothermal energy
• Energy-efficiency products
• Green energy design, research, engineering
• Energy surveys, marketing, site assessments

Green Finance
• Green banking
• Investments in green technologies and research
• Socially responsible investments

Pollution Control
• Pollution mitigation and remediation companies
• Air and water filtration experts
• Analytical testing instruments, laboratory equipment

Smart Grid Providers of
• Software
• Communication and digital technology
• Components, equipment and wiring
• Energy management systems
• Metering and control devices
• Power generation systems
• Wireless networks
• Smart vehicles

Waste Disposal and Management
• Recycling companies
• Recycling technologies
• Life cycle planning and design
• Waste management technologies
• Waste recovery technologies
• Sludge handling and treatment

Water Recycling and Management
• Water recycling/reclamation technologies
• Water filtration
• Equipment and Instruments
• Pumps
• Sanitation technologies
• Waste water collection and treatment

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