Bamboobee Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Project for Handcrafted Bamboo Bicycles

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Bamboobee bicycle

Sunny Chuah, the founder of Bamboobee is ready to share the simplicity and happiness of smooth cycling with the whole world. On 28 March, he launched the Bamboobee Lifestyle Bicycle crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, and looking to raise US$40,000 by 30 April so that he can start mass production of his bamboo handcrafted bicycles.

3 years ago, Sunny built his first bamboo bicycle and completed a solo cycling expedition around Central Asia and Asia, covering 6,103km. Riding on tough terrains during the expedition taught him a lot about riding comfort, bamboo as a raw material, and bicycle design principles.

After returning, he spent 2 years on the drawing table, and came up with the Bamboobee bicycles based on the grandeur sights and hospitality he got from the trip. He knows that his handcrafted bamboo bicycles will bring back the simplicity and happiness of cycling that people want. A bicycle providing smooth rides made with natural bamboo, infused with modern technologies.

Sunny’s mission is to make Bamboobee the choice of lifestyle cycling. The Kickstarter target of US$40,000 will allow Bamboobee to create the molds and procure the other parts of the bicycle in bulk to lower production costs, and offer the bicycles to the mass market.

Support Bamboobee’s Kickstarter project and pledge your funding here.

Source and Images: Bamboobee

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