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By Toni Waterman, Channel NewsAsia, 11 Apr 2013.

When it comes to eco-friendly modes of transportation, biking ranks at the top. All that peddle-power means near-zero carbon emissions.

But one local company is taking it a step further by making those already environmentally-friendly bikes even greener.

It all started with some laundry.

Mr Sunny Chuah, Founder of Bamboo Bee Bikes, said: “In HDB in Singapore, we use bamboo to hang our clothes, so the idea struck me – why not use the bamboo to make a bamboo frame?”

A bamboo bike frame. And so was born Bamboo Bee – a local company handcrafting bamboo bicycles.

Everything from the frame… to the handlebars… to water bottle holder… are all made from bamboo.

Mr Chuah said upwards of 90 percent of the bike can be made from the material.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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