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By Monica Kotwani, Channel NewsAsia, 22 Apr 2013.

New and redevelopment building projects will have to meet stricter flood management measures from June.

National water agency PUB announced this on Monday as part of its holistic storm water management strategy for Singapore.

The strategy includes a new clause that would require projects over a certain land size to have on-site storm water management strategies.

PUB is taking a three-pronged approach to prevent heavy rain from escalating into floods.

To tackle the flooding problem at the source, it is implementing a new rule into its revised Surface Water Drainage Code of Practice.

The clause will apply to new and redevelopment projects that are of land size 0.2 hectares and more.

For example, a new residential site that has a green roof, detention tanks or ponds will collect water during heavy rain.

Once the rain stops, the water would be released over a period of several hours – thereby preventing flooding and the overflowing of the drainage system.

The new clause could mean a substantial reduction of rainwater that flows into drains immediately after a storm – from about 90 per cent to 35 per cent after green features are implemented.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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