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By Eugene Neubronner, TODAY, 3 May 2013.

Students from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) University Scholars Programme (USP) have successfully converted a motorcycle from a petrol-based engine to an electric one that may one day extend the usage of old bikes while driving down usage costs.

The students estimate that it currently costs the average motorcyclist — who rides about 38.5km per day at an average speed of about 69kmh — about S$121.11 in fuel per month. With the electric motor, it would cost about S$29.79.

The project, a collaboration between the USP and the Engineering Design and Innovation Centre at NUS, paves the way for the possibility of large-scale conversion of motorcycles, as the world shifts towards greener technologies.

The team of six — Mr Shreyas Rao and Ms Pek Yang Xuan, who are both 20, Mr Brian Teo and Mr Aloysius Seah, who are both 22, along with supervisors Associate Professor Martin Henz and Dr Joerg Weigl — started their project in May last year.

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Source: TODAY

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2 Responses to “Cheaper, cleaner ride ahead [News]”
  1. Hi Eugene! Thanks for featuring our project on your website! As a matter of fact I referred to it several times while doing literature review on state of EVs in Sg =)

    Anyway, my slides presented at the launch on Thursday (on the environmental impact of the converted motorcycle) can be downloaded here (Full report available on request)

    All the best!

  2. Adam Seah says:

    Hi Pek Yang Xuan and USP electric cyle team,

    I have seen the demo of the converted motorcycle to an electric one and also on your concern on the environmental aspects.

    Currently in Singapore, we are lack of the public charging facility and EV is not able to be market here.

    Hence, I have spoken to Alyosius Seah that I have an idea to build the self-sustaining electric vehicle power generator systems.

    I would apprecaite if you all can work as a team again to achieve the next goal to build our first of it kind of the self-sustaining electric vehicle (SSEV) in Singapore.

    Hope you all can work with your A/Professor Martin Henz and Dr. Joerg Weigl and I can also be your consultant for this project.

    Thank you.

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