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By Zara Zhuang, TODAY, 13 Jun 2013.

Buildings are insidious energy guzzlers: 40 per cent of energy consumption is attributed to buildings. And with air conditioning alone taking up 60 per cent of the electricity consumed in a typical Singapore building, lots more can be done about it.

“Creating a good air-conditioning system is not just about having efficient equipment; it’s also about designing the system to suit the characteristics of buildings,” said Mr Cheng Sin Yew, Country Manager at Trane, the company that provided the chiller systems used in Gardens by the Bay and in about 70 per cent of the buildings along the Orchard Road belt.

Air conditioning is relevant to the move towards green or energy-efficient buildings, especially in Singapore. The green-building market in Singapore will grow between 33 and 68 per cent from 2012 to 2015, according to the SmartMarket Report on World Green Building Trends released this February by McGraw-Hill Construction, and the accompanying demand for green energy systems is rising. “Over the past ten years, we’ve seen the (air-conditioning) industry go from push to pull — suppliers used to have to push high-efficiency machines to building owners, but now building owners are demanding these machines,” said Mr Cheng.

On what can be done to make more Singapore buildings energy efficient, Mr Lee Eng Lock, Technical Director at Trane, said: “The question should, instead, be this: What stops Singapore from having highly energy efficient buildings everywhere?”

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Source: TODAY

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