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By Gena Ng, Channel NewsAsia, 17 Jun 2013.

Derrick Ng is a 32-year-old hawker. But behind the humble demeanor lies an entrepreneur with a great passion and dedication towards green agriculture.

“Fish soup is a family business and my dad has been cooking for the past 17 years,” explains Ng, who began with a personal choice to eat naturally grown vegetables, before growing it into an opportunity to turn his hawker business into a sustainable one.

Living in high-rise, urban Singapore, the very idea of gardening, let alone farming, may seem remote to most.

But that didn’t stop the owner of Wang Yuan Fish Soup stalls in Tampines to embrace the notion that the best gardens are the ones that feed you, and in his case, his patrons.

The idea of using organic greens in his fish soup came to him when he asked himself: “What is so unique about my fish soup?”

That prompted some market research that revealed a growing trend of healthy eating among consumers.

“As the economy evolves…people [become] more affluent, they start to pay a lot of attention to healthcare, and their mindsets will change.

“I’m positioning myself towards this direction.”

When Ng started helping his father at the food stall, he sourced organic produce from local suppliers. But this resulted in costs that were too high for the business to succeed against its competitors.

“When you do the price comparison, you’re losing money. Every bowl you churn out is losing money. I [thought], this is not the way,” says Ng of the impetus for his second round of research.

He decided that the only way for him to sustain the costs is by controlling the resource, and the resource, he discovered, would be the vegetables used in the soup.

Ng was by then already growing the greens that went into his family’s meal, so it didn’t take him long to realise that he could take the same route for his family’s fish soup business too.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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  1. […] Derrick Ng (pictured above) has several news article at the front of his stall written about his organic home-grown vegetables. He runs a series of urban gardening projects called Generation Green and he grows everything from chye sim to kai lan. He started eating organic vegetables personally before realising that it would complement his family’s fish soup business. […]

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