Energy efficiency a critical concern for S’pore: Vivian Balakrishnan [News]

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By Sharon See, Channel NewsAsia, 18 Sep.

Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has said that energy efficiency has overtaken sustainable water supply as a critical concern for Singapore.

He said there is a need to “focus extensively and deeply” on the issue of energy efficiency.

Dr Balakrishnan said: “What has really happened globally is the substitution of one critical vulnerability – water – with another critical vulnerability – energy, simply because the process of reverse osmosis is energy intensive.

“So yes, we may not be so vulnerable now to water shortages because you can always produce NEWater or desalinate water, but it means energy is now the main game in town.”

Speaking at the Water Utilities Leaders Forum at the Singapore International Water Week, Dr Balakrishnan said that it currently takes 3.5 kilowatt-hours to produce one cubic metre of water in Singapore, and there is a need to bring this down by “several orders of magnitude”.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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