PUB and Hyflux officially open Singapore’s second and largest desalination project [Press Release]

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PUB, the national water agency of Singapore and Hyflux Ltd, a Singapore-based leading desalination solutions provider today officially opened Singapore’s second and largest seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant, Tuaspring Desalination Plant. With a capacity of 70 million gallons, or 318,500 cubic metres of desalinated water per day, the Tuaspring Desalination Plant marks another major step in Singapore’s journey towards water sustainability.

Singapore, 18 Sep 2013 – Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officiated the opening of the desalination plant at a ceremony attended by about 800 guests including foreign dignitaries, government officials, industry representatives and business partners.

Desalinated water is one of Singapore’s Four National Taps, along with local catchment water, imported water and NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of reclaimed water. With the opening of the Tuaspring Desalination Plant, desalinated water can meet up to 25% of Singapore’s current water demand.

Construction of the desalination plant, currently Asia’s largest seawater desalination facility, began in July 2011 under the Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO) model. The plant supplies PUB with desalinated water over a 25-year period.

Tuaspring Desalination Plant is situated on a 14-hectare site in Tuas on the western section of Singapore. The plant, which uses Hyflux’s proprietary Kristal® ultrafiltration membrane technology for the desalination pre-treatment process, holds the distinction of having one of the largest ultrafiltration pre-treatment membrane installations in the world. Seawater entering the desalination plant is channeled through the ultrafiltration membranes to remove suspended solids and microorganisms. After this pre-treatment, the seawater is passed through semi-permeable membranes in a two-stage reverse osmosis treatment process to remove the salt from the water and produce fresh pure water. This water then undergoes a post-treatment process for re-mineralisation before being delivered to PUB for distribution to households and industries in Singapore.

An on-site combined cycle gas turbine power plant will supply electricity to the desalination plant. Excess power will be sold to the power grid.

PUB Chief Executive Chew Men Leong said, “Desalinated water is an important part of our water supply, and it is set to play a bigger role with the opening of the Tuaspring Desalination Plant. This public-private partnership also illustrates how we have created opportunities for local companies to co-create solutions to meet our water challenges. By participating in PUB’s water projects, the private sector is able to build their expertise and experience in these areas, establish their track record and compete with international players in overseas markets, contributing to a vibrant water industry.”

Hyflux Executive Chairman and Group CEO Olivia Lum said, “This is a very significant day for Hyflux. We have made breakthroughs in plant capacity and efficiency since SingSpring Desalination Plant in 2005. Tuaspring Desalination Plant’s compact design also reduces footprint per cubic metre by more than 30% in comparison to SingSpring Desalination Plant. The opening of Tuaspring Desalination Plant marks another successful collaboration between the private and public sectors. We are honoured to play a role in contributing to the diversification and sustainability of Singapore’s water supply.”

Hyflux also developed Singapore’s first desalination plant, SingSpring Desalination Plant, and has been operating and maintaining the plant since its commercial operation in 2005.

The successful completion of the Tuaspring Desalination Plant strengthens Hyflux’s international track record in large-scale desalination plants. “With the spread of large-scale desalination to more geographic markets driven by the increasing water scarcity, Hyflux is in a strong position to provide clean, affordable and sustainable water solutions to meet worldwide demand,” said Ms Lum.

Hyflux has secured a S$720 million 18-year term loan facility to fund the desalination and power plants. The project financing will be provided by Maybank Singapore and Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd as the mandated lead arrangers, sole underwriters and bookrunners. The financial close is subject to condition precedents customary to such deals, including PUB’s consent and entry into such agreements as may be necessary.

Source: PUB

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