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By Alice Chia, Channel NewsAsia, 18 Sep 2013.

The new Tuaspring Desalination Plant offers greater capacity at a lower cost by tapping new technologies.

Singapore’s newest desalination plant has been two years in the making.

Water solutions firm Hyflux won the tender to build the Tuaspring plant in 2011, and it is using some of its latest technologies to make the plant more efficient at producing potable water from seawater that is fit for drinking.

Tuaspring boasts one of the world’s largest installations of Hyflux’s Kristal ® proprietary Ultrafiltration membranes, which are more effective at removing dissolved salts from seawater.

When seawater from the surrounding sea is passed through the membranes, virtually all bacteria is blocked out and impurities as small as 0.01 micron can also be filtered away.

The filtered water is consistently of high quality and this helps boost the performance and life span of membranes used in the next step of desalination — the reverse osmosis process.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

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