Schneider Electric Introduces SmartStruxure Lite in Singapore [Press Release]

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Singapore — October, 4, 2013 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, is rolling out its SmartStruxure Lite™ solution in Singapore to help small-and-medium-sized commercial buildings maximize building efficiency and reduce operating costs across the entire facility lifecycle. SmartStruxure Lite is an affordable building management solution, meeting the tighter budget requirements of smaller facilities while delivering a faster ROI to cover capital investment costs quicker.

SmartStruxure Lite is an ideal solution for buildings measuring less than 10,000 square meters of floor space. It works well for retrofits as it comes with pre-configured objects and does not require rewiring since it functions via wireless technology. This reduces deployment time and inconvenience and ensures that businesses can continue running even during the installation period. The web-based BEMS enables one-click access for remote monitoring and management of multiple spaces, and all these features make it perfect for retail outlets and branches, small and medium offices, hotel chains, educational facilities and campuses, heritage buildings, laboratories and more. SmartStruxure Lite provides a full energy management system that covers HVAC, lighting, and power applications, as well as room and zone control, air volume control, and metering and submetering functions.

SmartStruxure Lite is scalable, making it future-proof and able to grow along with the business, while lowering building energy expenditure by approximately 30%. This reduces the building’s environmental impact and helps meet assessment criteria from certification schemes like the BCA Green Mark. More importantly, these savings can help businesses gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to make their products or solutions more cost-effective, or channel these savings into other areas which can confer a competitive advantage such as R&D and marketing.

“Until now, most small-and-medium commercial buildings do not have an affordable option to implement an energy management system of any scale, despite this segment being one of the heaviest energy users per square foot and square meter vis-à-vis other commercial buildings,” said Ang Koon San, Country President, Schneider Electric Singapore and Brunei. “SmartStruxure Lite changes this, with an affordable, wireless-based solution that can help make energy one of the most controllable expenses in a building.”

SmartStruxure Lite is already powering buildings in Singapore, helping control energy expenditure without sacrificing the comfort of building visitors and occupants. Instead of having a constant room temperature at all times, wireless sensors automatically increase temperature set-points when there is no occupancy, creating energy savings of 7% for every degree the temperature is raised. The information on energy expenditure is stored in the cloud, making it available anytime, anywhere to the facility managers.

Source: Schneider Electric

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