SMRT to bring in 600 Prius Hybrid taxis over the next year [Press Release]

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SMRT Prius Hybrid taxi21 Oct 2013 – SMRT Corporation Ltd. (SMRT) today announced it will be bringing in over 600 Prius Hybrid taxis over the course of next year, making it the largest Hybrid fleet owner in Singapore. With this fleet, environmentally friendly taxis will now account for approximately one-fifth of SMRT’s total fleet of over 3,500 taxis.

Mr Benny Lim, Senior Vice President of SMRT Roads said, “Opting for Hybrid vehicles is a conscious move on SMRT’s part in generating more positive environmental footprint on roads. We are also pleased to share that beyond enhanced features like better stability, driving mode switch, our taxi partners will also benefit from lower fuel costs from the vehicle’s greater fuel efficiency features.”

Beginning 25 October 2013, 600 Prius taxis will progressively be made available on the roads. Passengers can look forward to enhanced taxi journeys, where they can enjoy more comfortable, smoother and quieter ride.

“Commuters who wish to travel green can specifically request for a green taxi when they book with us through our hotline. A mobile application is in the pipeline and an option will be included to allow the user to choose a green taxi when the app is ready by end of this year,” Mr Lim added. “We are pleased to be able to contribute towards promoting environmentally responsible travel.”

Mr Tan Wee Liang, age 46, who has been driving taxis for the past 8 years just switched to a hybrid, “This new hybrid taxi is environmentally friendly and provides a smoother ride, the interiors are also more comfortable and there will be fuel savings.”

Another veteran taxi driver, Mr Lai Kwong Meng, who has been with SMRT for the last 18 years, is looking forward to harnessing the full potential of this new hybrid model, “The company is helping us to maximise fuel savings by organising a programme to show how various features within the car in different drive modes can reduce consumption. This is great news for us especially since fuel prices are always on the rise!”

A <Ride-A-Prius Cab> campaign will be launched next month to reward commuters who opt to ride in the all new hybrid Prius.

Hybrid vehicles derive their efficiency from enhanced engine range with features such as exhaust gas recirculation and an electric powered water pump being part of this hybrid model.

  • Delivering Environmentally-Driven Performance: enhanced smoothness and stability on roads, driving performance with drive mode switch, improved quietness on roads
  • Aerodynamic Body Design: the streamline body contributes to fuel efficiency and an interior design that originates from instinctive human senses to deliver the ultimate in comfort for occupants
  • Cutting Edge Technology: advanced equipment such as parking ventilation system that uses solar energy, a remotely operated pre-air conditioning system and availability of various driving support systems
  • Reinforced Vehicle Fundamental Performance: this new model features a highly efficient package that provides seating comfort, a class above. With newer features like knee airbags and active headrests to alleviate driver whiplash
  • Space-efficient Interior: 445-litre of boot space which can accommodate four large 26” luggage bags

Source and image credit: SMRT

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