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By Neo Chai Chin, TODAY, 20 Nov 2013

Urban greenery is widely seen as a vital measure to cut carbon emissions, but if the wrong trees are planted, the carbon emitted from the soil might be more than what the trees absorb, a new study has found.

Case studies of Telok Kurau and Escandon in Mexico City found that vegetation in the Singapore neighbourhood, which is made up of 64 per cent woody trees and 36 per cent palms and other plants, absorbed 8 per cent of the area’s carbon emissions. But this is outstripped by the carbon emissions from the soil there (12 per cent of the area’s emissions).

In contrast, in Escandon, which has almost entirely woody trees (97.5 per cent), the 0.6 per cent of emissions from the soil is offset by the 2 per cent of emissions absorbed by the greenery. This is despite the fact that it has fewer trees in a given area and a smaller percentage of green surface than in Telok Kurau.

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Source: TODAY

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