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By Neo Chai Chin, TODAY, 7 Dec 2013

Researchers at Republic Polytechnic (RP) have made breakthroughs in fuel cell technology that could enable more widespread use of the clean energy source in three to five years’ time.

Fuel cells have been earmarked in recent years for potential use in automobiles, portable devices, and in power generation for homes and businesses, but the hydrogen storage capacity of the systems and their high costs have been stumbling blocks to broad commercial adoption.

RP’s system makes progress on both fronts: It is able to generate 30 per cent more hydrogen gas on demand for use in fuel cells than existing systems, and requires 21 per cent less of the expensive catalyst, platinum, to generate a certain amount of energy.

Its system, developed by the polytechnic’s senior academic staff Wang Yihua and his team, uses solid chemical hydrides — materials with high hydrogen content — to generate hydrogen gas.

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Source: TODAY

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