Green Business Singapore is the leading online sustainability toolkit for businesses in Singapore, with a green editorial focus on Strategy and Leaders, Operations and Culture, Design and Tech, and Marketing and CSR. Launched in 2008 by Green Future Solutions, Green Business Singapore is the first online publication in Singapore with a focus on business and the environment.

A global green business revolution is gaining momentum and changing how businesses operate. We believe that a new generation of business leaders and companies in Singapore will face new challenges and opportunities.

Green Business Singapore aims to shape the green business revolution in Singapore by inspiring businesses and providing them with the knowledge and tools. We will chronicle environmental news in Singapore, highlight new sustainable business practices and case studies, showcase innovative companies and business leaders, and explore the tools and strategies for navigating the green business revolution.

Join us at Green Business Singapore and find out more about:

Strategy and Leaders – Green Trends and Ideas; Business Development; Sustainability Leadership; Green Strategy; Sustainability Strategies; Green CEOs; Green Leaders; Business Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Green and Social Entrepreneurs

Operations and Culture – Environmental Management System; ISO 14001; Resource and Operational Efficiency; Pollution Prevention; Risk Control; Waste Reduction; Water Management; Air Pollution Control; Waste Management; Climate Change; Carbon Footprint; Carbon Trading and Offset; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Energy Efficiency; Green Office; Facilities Management; Green Supply Chain; Green Procurement and Purchasing; Behaviour Change; Green Culture; Organisational Change; Management

Design and Tech – Green Design; Design for the Environment; Cradle to Cradle; Biomimicry; Life Cycle Assessment; Green Building Design; Green Product Design; Green Innovation; Green Gadgets; Cleantech; Renewable Energy; Clean Fuel; Social Media; Web 2.0

Marketing and CSR – Marketing and Branding; Advertising; Public Relations; Eco-labels; Environmental Reporting; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Resources – Start greening your business with our free guides and case studies

News – Read the latest news from the media, and press releases from companies and government agencies

Events – Participate in seminars, exhibitions and activities to learn more about the environment and take action

Jobs – Find out what green jobs are available in Singapore

Our Team

Eugene Tay, Founder and Editor

Eugene is a consultant, editor and maven who likes to share his environmental knowledge with businesses and people so that they can learn, understand and take action towards our green future.

He is the Director of Green Future Solutions, a sustainability consulting company that helps businesses and organisations address environmental challenges and identify green opportunities.

Eugene previously worked for the National Environment Agency on waste minimisation and recycling, and taught ecotourism at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

He has a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore.

Jovin Hurry, Writer

Jovin specialises at asking the right questions to the right person at the right time. He probes entrepreneurs at how they negotiate around core sustainability issues, in their world of turbulent markets, limited resources, social disparities and structural faults.

Jovin has spent the last 15 years studying, living and working in Asia and Europe, as a student, an analyst and a facilitator in the field of sustainability, business and learning and development.

Jovin completed two Masters in Sweden (Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and Entrepreneurship & Innovation); finished a Bachelor in Singapore (Environmental Engineering); and has chaired, facilitated and organised a number of events and trainings on sustainability in Asia and Europe.

Manishankar Prasad, Writer

Manishankar is a researcher, writer and a consultant who is passionate about thought leadership in issues related to sustainability, social innovation and governance.

He is currently pursuing a Graduate Research Program in Sociology at the Nanyang Technological University.

Manishankar has worked in the environmental consulting sector in Oman in the Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Systems knowledge domain.

He has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the National University of Singapore and an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Oman. During his Masters at NUS, he was the research director of the AIESEC@NUS Project on Social Entrepreneurship. He is a GIVE.Sg Fellow as well.

Cheng Zhi Wei, Writer

Cheng Zhi WeiZhi Wei is currently completing his undergraduate studies in Material Science and Engineering and Economics at the National University of Singapore and hopes to someday use the stuff he is learning to help achieve a greener future.

He is a member of Energy Carta, a non-profit organization started by NUS students focusing on the sustainable energy industry, where he is the co-lead in the development team for Changing the Game: Southeast Asia, a card game that simulates the challenges of energy policy.

In his free time, he likes cycling around Singapore, playing volleyball, and just enjoying the outdoors.

Shar Ghadialy, Writer

Shar GhadialyShahrukh (Shar) Ghadialy is a freelance writer in energy and sustainability. An electrical engineering graduate with an investment banking background, he has an ever growing passion on all topics green. He has worked in various fields including design and consultancy services for power projects, business and technology solutions for financial services industry, and strategic risk management.

As an avid environmental enthusiast and a strong proponent for sustainability, he is focused on raising awareness on current energy programs, strategies and green initiatives. He is particularly interested in renewable energy, clean technology, waste resource management and the role of corporate and national governance in energy efficiency and sustainability matters.

Shar is a post-graduate in management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research.


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  1. Coco Lu says:


    Good day.
    This is Coco Lu from China Decision Makers Consultancy. I’m in charge of the media partnership work on the event Green Mobility 2011. We will hold this event in Sep 21–23,2011,in Beijing. We want to invite you to be our media partner. We can promote each other. If you are interested in this cooperation. Please email me. Then I will send you the details of this event and discuss the type of the cooperation with you. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Coco Lu

  2. Katerina Tiapula says:

    I would like to talk to someone at your company to get information for an article for Singapore’s Child magazine. It is an education guide for parents with primary and preschool age children. I will be doing segments on the environment and I would like to highlight companies that are going green so that parents can see the importance for the world as well as see the trend in business, which will affect their children later on. Thank you

  3. In your summation of 2011, don’t leave out the importance of education in the business sectors to effect faster change. We have an environmental company in China and another in Canada who is using the catalog as a gateway for business development and is using the platform to introduce these concepts so when they approach their circle of influence they have a deeper understanding of the need for their services and green products. Our Sustainability Education Series on line course catalog is for organizations and their customer bases who are interested in these issues, worldwide, the first of its kind. It is of the highest quality design and it includes narration, graphics, and superior tests for knowledge. This link is to where we administer the courses for our clients.


    Please take a moment to scroll to see all 50 module titles ready for employees to learn about waste management, water conservation, recycling and other topics. A wonderful “green educated” new year to all-


  4. Matt Dujay says:


    I just wanted to invite you to become a member of Fotolia community (we’re a microstock organization if you were wondering).

    We have millions of royalty-free images available to our community of members. We have tons of new stuff happening all the time, everything from free tutorials to contests. See some of the latest goings-on at fotolianews.com

    If you think this might interest you to be part of our community send me an email. Feel free to ask me any questions, or simply say hi.

    Hope to hear from you.



  5. Christine says:


    One 4 All CSR would like to invite you to attend the Seminar ‘Corporate Social Responsibility – An Introduction’ being held on the following dates & locations:


    -September 10, 2012

    New York:

    -August 8, 2012


    -September 16, 2012

    Rio de Janeiro

    -November 6, 2012

    Kuala Lumpur

    -October 1, 2012

    Corporate Social Responsibility in business is essentially about achieving economic success and competitive advantage by building reputation and gaining the trust of people. CSR is fast becoming an integral part of corporate strategy, management practices, business operations and product development. Corporate Social Responsibility enhances business sustainability, provides new opportunities, develops customer loyalty and improves stakeholder relationships.

    It is only recently that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices have emerged as a priority and companies are beginning to realize CSR’s potential as a strategic management tool. If you are one of those companies that would like to learn about the opportunities and benefits presented by CSR like enhanced reputation, trust, lower risks, improved organizational efficiencies and employee motivation then this workshop is for you.

    This seminar will give participating companies the opportunity to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility as a concept and its importance. The seminar will focus on building the business case for CSR and how being responsible can lead to enhanced business performance. The participants will get a chance to hear from practicing local and international companies on why and how they adopted CSR and their journey from there. This seminar will also provide ample opportunity for companies to network, learn and share experiences.

    Key learning outcomes
    • Develop a clear understanding of corporate social responsibility
    • Hear about local and international trends in CSR.
    • Explore the key CSR drivers internationally
    • Learn about the business case for CSR and how it benefits a company.

    Who should attend?
    This seminar is appropriate for Directors, HR managers, Communications managers, Risk managers, CSR managers and others responsible for a company’s success in the area of corporate responsibility.

    Fees per delegate

    Non-members: GBP £375 or USD $575

    One 4 All CSR Members: GBP £250 or USD $365

    To register please follow the link below and specify your desired course date & location.


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